When buying or selling a home it is very important to have some one on your side throughout the most expensive transaction you will likely ever be involved in.

Just as you wouldn't represent yourself in the court of law.  Perform surgery on yourself or a loved one without the proper training and education. Buying or selling a home with out proper representation is something you just shouldn't do.

A real estate agent is there for you to help with negotiations, determine fair market values and to protect you throughout the entire process.

The best way to find a real estate agent is usually first by referral. Asking people you trust to refer you to people to they trust is typically the best case scenario.

Secondly, finding a real estate agent can be as simple as an online search. However, with this method it is best to do further research to determine you are making a wise choice.

Further research should include:

Checking out their website and their companies website.

Look for and read testimonials

Review their social media accounts


find a real estate agent


Once you are satisfied with the information you find it is a good idea to arrange a time to meet and have an "interview" of sorts. It's important to get to know a real estate agent and learn their processes and strengths. 

If you are a home buyer some questions to consider asking are:

Do you charge a fee for buying services

Will I have to sign a contract up front

Can you help me with referrals to other professionals such as home inspectors, lawyers

Do you specialize in any specific style or location of homes?


If you are a home seller some questions to ask your real estate agent are:

What is your marketing plan

What is your fee

What is the process

Am I responsible for paying for anything other then commission

How long is the contract for


Having these questions answered will give you a good indication if you can find a working relationship with this real estate agent or not.

Once you have decided on your real estate agent be sure to read over your contracts carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Buying and selling your home should be an exciting experience and a having a professional real estate agent on your side will only enhance the experience.

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